The Journey to Exzemas: A Natural Triumph Over Eczema

By Sele Jawa (SJ) - July 18, 2023
Imagine the joy of welcoming a new baby into your life, only to discover that this cherished one is living with a chronic skin condition. How would you react if you found out they're grappling with a debilitating condition like eczema that could persist throughout their lifetime? You start thinking about the societal challenges s/he will face - peer bullying, insecurities stemming from their unique and chronic skin condition, and the resulting toll on their self-esteem. Any caring guardian in this position would undoubtedly move mountains to prevent their loved one from feeling different, inferior, or unable to assert themselves due to skin-related insecurities.

Well, that was us, and this story is about our journey to winning over eczema for our lovely first boy.

Early in our marriage, as many married couples would wish, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our lives. Within his first month, we observed that he had extremely dry skin. Like many, we turned to natural emollients like coconut, argan, and olive oil. Yet, these remedies were no match for the stubborn dryness. We turned to commercially available emollients but found them ineffective as well. We felt helpless watching our child grapple with the discomfort.

More than a year later, our desperation led us to consult a skin specialist. Our son was put on a regimen of constant steroids and paraffin-based moisturizers. Initially, we saw some improvement. However, over time, the eczema flare-ups returned with a vengeance. We began to notice changes in his mood; he became angrier and more irritable. It was clear to us that something was amiss. As we didn't want that to happen to our lovely boy, our quest to seek the best natural eczema alternatives began.

The next few years saw us experimenting with a myriad of natural remedies. We tried everything from oats and salts to balms, butters and essential oils. At the same time, I began educating myself on the benefits and potentials of essential oils and aromatherapy. I undertook several courses, which led me to become certified as a natural cosmetic formulator. I received online mentoring and gained knowledge about making effective natural products.

But more than just acquiring knowledge, our journey - marked by trials, errors, failures, and successes - truly provided the insights we needed. It was through these hands-on experiences that we learned the delicate balance of ingredients necessary for creating an effective eczema relief cream.

Out of our years-long quest to find relief for our son, ExzemasTM was born. ExzemasTM isn't just a product; it's the culmination of our journey. Each ingredient has been meticulously selected for its healing properties and ability to soothe and nourish dry, irritated skin.

As a highlight, Aloe Vera, Shea butter, and Glycerine work synergistically to hydrate the skin deeply, immediately relieving dryness. Avocado kernel oil and Jojoba oil replenish essential skin nutrients. In contrast, with its potent anti-inflammatory properties, Black cumin seed oil helps reduce eczema flare-ups. The unique blend of Myrrh, Helichrysum, Cedarwood, Palmarosa, & Geranium essential oils offers further therapeutic benefits, soothing the mind as well as the skin.

ExzemasTM is a testament to our belief that nature holds the solution for many of our ailments. It is a testament to perseverance, love, and the will to seek the best for our loved ones. More than just a cream, ExzemasTM is hope in a jar – hope for all those battling the discomfort of eczema.

As we share ExzemasTM with the world, we hope it brings relief, comfort, and happiness to your life, just as it has for our son, family, and friends. Here's to a future free of eczema flare-ups, filled with smiles and radiant skin. Join us on this journey towards better skin health.

Welcome to the Exzemas family.

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